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Stuffed Safari Photo Contest

Why the Stuffed Safari Photo Contest?  Because we are crazy about stuffed animals.  So crazy, in fact, that we sell over 5,000 different ones on our website.  Over the years, we have had the opportunity to meet lots of people who are just as ...Read More

Win 5 Books from GP’s Honey Tomes!

A Whole Bunch of Honey Tomes It’s hard to believe that National Reading Month 2017 is almost over. That means it’s almost time to put away all of our books and quit reading until next year. Wait, that can’t be right. The end of ...Read More

Hoagie & Katie Book Giveaway

Hang Out with Hoagie & Katie It’s hard to believe that National Reading Month 2017 is already halfway over! Our first two giveaways this month were for the bird-lovers. Better than for the birds, right!? This week we’re going to head off in an ...Read More

Win Quincy the Quail Leads His Family on an Adventure

An Adventure with Quincy the Quail Our celebration of National Reading Month 2017 continues with an illustrated book about birds. Quails, to be exact. Last week’s contest featured a real-life blue jay, this week’s features a fictional quail. Quincy the Quail Leads His Family on ...Read More

Win Gracie’s Wild Adventures from Stuffed Safari

Gracie’s Wild Giveaway Takes Flight To celebrate National Reading Month 2017 we’re giving away books and stuffed animals all month long at Our first contest features an unbelievable story about rescuing a baby blue jay. Fortunately, Gracie’s Wild Adventures is full of pictures ...Read More

Celebrate National Reading Month with Stuffed Safari

National Reading Month Giveaways March is National Reading Month and there is no better way to celebrate than giving away some amazing books and stuffed animals! We will be running four book giveaway contests in the month of March. Each contest will showcase a ...Read More

Jumbo Plush Bald Eagle Giveaway

Jumbo Plush Bald Eagle Giveaway – July, 2016 Summer time is almost here, and with this time of year comes several holidays and celebrations.  Mother’s Day.  Father’s Day.  Memorial Day.  Labor Day.  But the one that really stands out among the others is Independence ...Read More