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Halloween Costumes Using Stuffed Animals

Halloween Costumes Using Stuffed Animals Halloween costumes using stuffed animals makes anyone the life of the party.  Packaged costumes are fun and convenient, but they are also expensive.  Why settle for ordinary?  Make your own costume and be extraordinary!  This post offers a few ...Read More

Stuffed Animal Collection: 5 Ways to Display Plush Toys

Stuffed animal collection?  Why not?  As the old saying goes, “Everyone needs a hobby.” Of all the hobbies out there, collecting is the most common. Whether it’s antiques, comic books, stamps, coins—you name it, and someone collects it. Collector’s items are meant to be ...Read More

Puppy Party Essentials

Puppy party?  Have you heard of them?  Well, in the way of kids’ birthday parties, they are all the rage right now.  This article will show you some inexpensive and creative ways to make your child’s party into something meaningful and memorable. Puppy Party ...Read More

Cleaning Stuffed Animals

Cleaning stuffed animals is an inevitability. If your little one carries his or her favorite plush toy everywhere, it’s bound to collect some dust and dirt. The good news is, more and more manufacturers are making toys that can go through a washing machine ...Read More

Shopping Online: The Pros and Cons

Shopping online broadens a customer’s horizons. It’s rare nowadays to find a product that can only be purchased at a physical store. Even retailers with locations nationwide offer online shopping with delivery options most of the time. The reason why? It saves time and ...Read More

Stuffed Animal: Choose the Right One

Stuffed animals come in all shapes, sizes and varieties, and it can be challenging to choose the right one. This article will walk you through some hypothetical situations and give you some ideas for how to choose the right stuffed animal to fit the ...Read More