Folkmanis Puppets Manufacturer Exposé

Folkmanis Puppets does for plush puppets what Apple does for electronics.  Their realistic designs have earned them the reputation as one of the most innovative puppet-makers in the world.  With over two hundred different animals of exotic and familiar variety to choose from, Folkmanis Puppets has a puppet toy for everyone.  One would never guess from the success and popularity of this company that it had humble beginnings.

Folkmanis Puppets Manufacturer Exposé

It began in Watertown, Massachusetts in the late 1960s by Judy Folkmanis.  What started as a creative way to entertain her children ended up becoming a lucrative business endeavor as the growing crowd of customers gathered to get their hands on these puppet plush toys.  In 1976 her husband, Atis, joined Judy to launch the puppet designs for production.  35 years later and they are still in the game, providing a quality product bringing joy to children and adults alike.

Fantastic Finger Puppets

Check out some of these one-of-a-kind designs for finger puppets by Folkmanis Puppets.  The striking realism catches the eye and brings fun and learning to the tips of your fingers—literally.  These are just three examples of the expansive collection of finger puppets available.

Folkmanis Puppets Finger

Showstopping Hand Puppets

Their hand puppets come in so many variety of animals; you have to see it to believe it.  These puppet stuffed animals have been specifically crafted to help stimulate the imagination and get the creativity juices flowing.  Interactive learning is important to child development, and these puppets are great inspiration.

Folkmanis Puppets Hand

Unique Glove Puppets

The pictures simply don’t do these glove puppets justice.  The amount of attention paid to the details is quite simply mind-blowing.  The only thing more surprising is the affordable prices for these puppet plush toys.  The quality and the price simply cannot be beat!

Folkmanis Puppets Glove

We at Stuffed Safari are proud to carry Folkmanis Puppets’ products and help contribute to the fun, learning, and creativity their puppet stuffed animals have brought to children of all ages over the past three and half decades.  Want to stimulate your child’s imagination and let it run wild? Get them a puppet by Folkmanis.

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