Gund Toy Manufacturer Exposé

Gund is the oldest manufacturer of soft toys in America. Founded by Adolph Gund in 1898 as the Gund Manufacturing Company in Norwalk, Connecticut, they emerged as true pioneers of the toy industry. Dating all the way back to the turn of the 20th Century, they were one of the first companies to produce a teddy bear. Their patented mechanisms brought a unique design to toys, providing a variety of ride-on animals with wheels, and stuffed dogs that ‘barked’ and made noise.


During WWII they produced products to promote the purchase of war bonds. In the 1970s, they envisioned selling stuffed panda bears around the time President Richard Nixon visited China in 1972. They are thought to be largely-responsible for sparking the panda craze that swept across the US.

If you’re a child of the 1980s like me, you might remember commercials and ads featuring their catchy slogan, “Gotta Getta Gund.”  This helped maintain their status as leaders in the plush toy industry. In the 90s, they changed their product and the plush toy game forever by changing the materials and construction of their stuffed animals. Though manufacturers have mimicked their design since then, for a long time, no one could compete with them in the arena of how soft and cuddly their animals were. To this day, few manufacturers can contend with their line of baby-safe plush designed specifically for infants and toddlers.

Today, Gund remains one of the leading manufacturers of plush toys in America, supplying retailers with their products nationwide. Their signature soft, huggable plush still holds true to the standard, and gives all their competition a run for their money. In the realm of baby-safe toys, they cannot be beat; no one does baby-safe quite like Gund.

We at are proud to carry Gund’s products and help contribute to the joy and happiness their toys have brought children of all ages over the past 118 years.  If you’re looking for a stuffed animal for a young child to make a lasting impression, you ‘Gotta Getta Gund’.



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