Valentine’s Day Personalized Stuffed Animals

Valentine’s Day comes every year, and when it does, flowers, chocolates, greeting cards and stuffed animals can be found pretty much anywhere you go. It’s hard sometimes to think of an outside-the-box gift for your special someone. How do you get a gift for your sweetheart that doesn’t look like you perused through a gift shop at the last second and picked something up? The answer: personalization.

Personalized Stuffed Animals for Valentine’s Day

valentines day personalized stuffed animals


I’m not talking about those key chains pre-printed with someone’s name on it; I mean something custom-tailored specifically to the person the gift is designated for. Most places offering custom-printing can take weeks to make and arrive, but we can do it in just a day. With Valentine’s Day only 7 days away, there’s no time to waste!

valentines day personalized stuffed animals4


Stuffed Safari offers custom-printed bandanas and t-shirts as accessories to our plush toys at a reasonable price. For an extra $3.00 to $5.00, you can turn a boring, run-of-the-mill teddy bear, into something he or she will never forget. And don’t stop teddy bears. With our selection of 4000+ plush toys, you can get almost anything customized. Did I mention it only takes an extra day to process an order with customization? That’s right! Where most places make you wait days or weeks, we will make your custom-printed bandana or t-shirt in just one day.

valentines day personalized stuffed animals2


Whether you want to send a classic sentiment like, “Be Mine,” or “ I love you,” or something to inspire a smile like, “I Otterly Love You,” we can make it happen for you. This level of professional customization is what sets Stuffed Safari apart from other plush toy retailers. Let us help you make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable.



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