The 8 Best Summertime Stuffed Animals of 2016

It is officially summer which means long days at the beach, snow cones, camping trips and cuddly stuffed animals! Wait a minute, one of these things doesn’t seem to belong. Beaches and snow cones undoubtedly make the cut. Camping is definitely a summertime activity. So that leaves us with cuddly stuffed animals and a question; Are stuffed animals only cool weather companions? Christmas time is loaded with eager plush toy shoppers searching for the latest and greatest stuffed animals. FYI, last year’s craze was a jumbo stuffed pink unicorn which should be a hit again this year. Plush animals for Valentine’s Day is a no-brainer. Early fall and the back to school rush is a great time for purchasing personalized plush school mascots, locker buddies and plush backpack clips and of course there is Halloween.

So what about summertime? Do stuffed animals have a place in the heat? Of course they do! There are tons of reasons to seek out stuffed animals from June to September. Summertime’s number one holiday, the 4th of July, is cause for celebration and fireworks. It’s also a great time to grab a stuffed bald eagle. Trips to aquariums, zoos and petting zoos often inspire new passions in people for learning about specific types of animals. You can’t bring the animals home from the zoo. Trust us, we’ve tried. You can pick up a plush animal to satisfy the urge to keep a giraffe in your bedroom.

Camping trips and sleep-away summer camps are incredibly fun and can be aided by plush pals. Sitting by the fire at night telling stories can be a blast but sometimes a good ghost story makes it hard to sleep. There is nothing better than a cuddly stuffed animal to get those spooky thoughts out of your head. Curl up in your sleeping bag with your pillow pulled tight over your head!

We’ve got a million reasons why stuffed animals are year-round companions and why summer doesn’t mean that they have to be left on the shelf. To prove it, we made an awesome list of the 8 best summertime stuffed animals for 2016. As an online plush toy retailer, we have special insight into the current trends in plush purchasing. We know which stuffed animals will be hot this summer!

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The Eight Best Summertime Stuffed Animals – 2016

8. Stuffed Dogs

They don’t call them “Stuffed Dogs - Best Summertime Stuffed Animalsthe dog days of summer” for no reason! Nothing says summertime like a backyard birthday party for those who were lucky enough to be born in the months when it is warm enough to celebrate outdoors. Sure, if you were born in December you get the benefit of doubling down on gifts that month, but have fun with your snow shoes and skis because summertime birthday parties are where it’s at! Hot dogs around a fire, burgers on a grill or fun finger sandwiches all go great with birthday cake and so do our awesome dog stuffed animals.

Puppy Parties are a huge hit and continue to be one of our most popular customer requests. Not sure how to throw one? Check out our blog on Puppy Party Essentials and you’ll be throwing the Puppy Party of the Summer in your neighborhood. We aren’t limiting this selection to one kind of dog. The number eight spot on our Best Summertime Stuffed Animals of 2016 list goes to all of our stuffed dogs!

7. Cuddlekins Shark Week Hammerhead Stuffed Animal

Cuddlekins Shark Week Hammerhead Shark - Best Summertime Stuffed AnimalsAn always popular summertime tradition is the annual Discovery Channel event, “Shark Week”. This year shark week begins on Sunday, June 26th and runs for, you guessed it, a week! If you’ve never tuned in to the wonderful programming that is Shark Week then you are really taking a bite out of your entertainment options. It is always an educational and exciting week of TV that you can really sink your teeth into. You can check out the full lineup of shows HERE. Wild Republic has created two Shark Week specific stuffed sharks for this annual chomp-fest complete with educational, commemorative hang tags. We think they are both amazing but decided to give the hammerhead shark the nod for number seven on our Best Summertime Stuffed Animals list.

The other Shark Week shark is a Great White and while it is amazing, Great Whites get plenty of love so we decided to switch it up a bit. The coolest thing about the Cuddlekins Shark Week Hammerhead Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic is its unique body shape. It has an action pose with a curved body and looks like it is swimming right at you! How fun is that? Be sure to check out Shark Week and grab one of these great plush hammerhead sharks for a special summertime treat.

6. Fursians Stuffed Animals

Okay, we admit it, weFuesian Stuffed Animals - Best Summertime Stuffed Animals are a bit late to the game on this one but we are sure glad that we decided to show up! Last year Fiesta created one of the more unique designs in recent memory with the Fursians. The line was expanded this year to include many more kinds of animals. We added them to our selection at a couple of months ago. Each new arrival is incredibly exciting. You are probably asking, “What in the world is a Fursian?”. Well, in one word, it is adorable.

Fursians have little bodies that are almost flat, short and stubby limbs, oversized heads and long, fluffy tails. They are cuddly, soft, cute and all sorts of other words that you might use to describe the sweetest little stuffed animals you’ve ever seen. The increased offerings this year prompted us to get on board and our customers have really taken to the original style of the Fursians. We expect they will continue to grow in popularity and consider them a shoe in for one of the best summertime stuffed animals of 2016.

5. Little Flower the Stuffed Frog Mini Flopsie by Aurora

We mentionedLittle Stuffed Frog - Best Summertime Stuffed Animals attending camp earlier and this little stuffed frog is sure to be present at plenty of summertime church camps this year. In recent years the acronym F.R.O.G. has been gaining popularity. There is no better way to embody it than with one of our best summertime stuffed animals, Little Flower the Stuffed Frog! Handing out stuffed frogs at a church camp is a much better idea than passing out the real thing! If real frogs are passed out then a few campers might be passed out too! Frogs are cute and all, but some kids just don’t do the whole slimy amphibian thing.

Luckily, Aurora makes this adorable little frog stuffed animal that we sell in any quantity at You can even add a custom bandana to Little Flower with a camp logo, slogan, or anything you might want to memorialize with plush frogs. Little Flower isn’t just for camp though. Catching and raising tadpoles is a popular summer past time but safely keeping a real frog can be a chore. With Little Flower, you can catch and release the tadpoles and then go home to a nice, low maintenance stuffed frog!

4. Stuffed Sloth 12 Inch Cuddlekin by Wild Republic

Stuffed Sloth Cuddlekin - Best Summertime Stuffed AnimalsNo list of the best summertime stuffed animals, or stuffed animals as a whole really, would be complete without one of our all-time best-sellers, the Stuffed Sloth 12 Inch Cuddlekin by Wild Republic. People have long been enamored with everything sloth. This popular trend is showing no signs of slowing down. There are scores of stories, TV shows, movies, and cartoons that include a lovable sloth character. You can find an endless number of sloth themed gifts online. Of course, we believe there is no better gift than a stuffed animal. The Cuddlekins Sloth is our choice for sloth gifting.

Like Little Flower, this sloth stuffed animal can be personalized at but not just with a bandana. We also offer customizable t-shirts for some stuffed animals. This adorable sloth just so happens to look great in one. This 12 inch version makes our best summertime stuffed animals list because of its incredible popularity. It is not our only sloth though. We have lots of other plush sloths available for summertime fun. Be sure to have a nice, slow look at all of our sloth stuffed animals, as we have almost 30 to choose from online.

3. Stuffed Pink Flamingos

Stuffed Pink Flamingos - Best Summertime Stuffed AnimalsWe’ve made it to the top 3 in our list of the 8 Best Summertime Stuffed Animals for 2016 without mentioning that this list is in no particular order! It’s a wild and whimsical group of plush toys that are equally fun in the summertime. When it comes to wild and whimsical, look no further than our pink flamingo stuffed animals for some shining examples. These quirky and cool creatures have long represented party-time in lawn ornament form. They are just as much fun in plush. Every once in a while, a certain type of animal starts selling really well and we aren’t quite sure why but eventually we figure it out. This summer stuffed pink flamingos are all the rage.

We’ve already sold tons and the summer has just begun. We’ve learned that the “it” thing this year is flamingo themed birthday parties. Several happy customers have called in to tell us how much their children love pink flamingos. Wait until they discover the classic lawn ornaments! If a Puppy Party isn’t in the cards, try a pink flamingo party with a cool summertime beach theme. Hawaiian shirts optional but preferred of course! The plush pink flamingo pictured on the left is one of many Fantasea Clip On Stuffed Animals by First & Main that deserve an honorable mention here. These aquatic and beach themed clip-ons make fun, affordable party favors.

2. Stuffed Blue Tangs (AKA Dory!)

Stuffed Blue Tang - Best Summertime Stuffed AnimalsWe love big summertime movies, especially ones that star animals! This spring we had Zootopia which was fantastic and just last weekend came the highly entertaining Finding Dory. Part of working at is making sure to keep up with the latest and greatest animated animal films.  We all loved this movie. Conveniently enough, several of our manufacturers released new blue tangs this year in anticipation of this fun film. Now we have a great variety of them available. After you watch Finding Dory, you can head on over to our website and find your very own Dory! We have a small clip-on blue tang, several 6 to 15 inch sizes and the one pictured on the left that is a whopping 20 inches long. That is a lot of blue tang to love and cuddle!

Of course, Dory’s adventure was not a solo excursion and we have several clownfish and other aquatic animals available. You can find a whole set of movie characters. Check out all of our stuffed fish here and our aquatic stuffed animals here. The number two spot on our best summertime stuffed animals list goes to the stuffed blue tangs. They benefit from being the star of the movie but we all know the supporting cast is just as important!

1. Jumbo Plush Bald Eagle 30 Inch Cuddlekin by Wild Republic

Jumbo Plush Bald Eagle - Best Summertime Stuffed AnimalsWell, we’ve reached the end of our 8 Best Summertime Stuffed Animals of 2016 list and, while we love all of our plush toys equally and this list is in no particular order, we have to admit that this one is pretty special to us. We are actually giving one away for the 4th of July and if you are reading this before June 25th then you still have time to enter to win your very own jumbo bald eagle stuffed animal with a custom 4th of July bandana created by our talented photographer and graphic designer. It is a really fun contest which you can also read about HERE.

New in the fall of 2015, this big stuffed bald eagle is 28 inches tall and 22 inches wide. It has feathery brown plush that is super soft and a bright white head and tail. Until you hold it in your arms you can’t really appreciate its size and softness. This jumbo plush eagle is the ultimate cuddly stuffed animal. It has been very popular so far. When you add the personalized bandana it becomes a wonderful display piece that would make a great school mascot.

Save 12%

We hope you enter and win the contest, but if you don’t and you would still like to have your own jumbo plush bald eagle, you can use the coupon code “8BEST2016” to save 12% on it or any of the 8 best summertime stuffed animals all summer long. That’s right, your reward for reading our awesome list is a coupon code that will save 12% on all of our stuffed dogs, the hammerhead shark, Fursians, Little Flower, the Cuddlekins sloth, all of our stuffed flamingos, all of our stuffed fish and this jumbo stuffed eagle. The code expires on the first day of fall. You have all summer long to take advantage of this awesome deal and to get some of the best stuffed animals of summer 2016!

RECAP; Here’s the best of list with as few words as possible for those of you who are taking a break from reading things for the summer!

Save 12% on any of the 8 best summertime stuffed animals with the coupon code 8BEST2016.

  1. jumbo plush eagle
  2. stuffed blue tangs
  3. stuffed pink flamingos
  4. Cuddlekins sloth
  5. Little Flower
  6. Fursians
  7. stuffed hammerhead
  8. stuffed dogs

Have a great summer!

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