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Aurora World

Aurora’s History

Aurora Trading Inc. started as a toy manufacturing company in Seoul, Korea in the 1980s.  With their quality products in high demand, business boomed and they expanded by establishing manufacturing factories in Indonesia and China in the early 1990s.  They also set up sales networks in Hong Kong and the U.S.  By the late 90s, their sales networks had expanded to England and Germany as well.  With their products spread so far across the globe and having received recognition as a toy company with the fifth highest brand awareness in the U.S. gift market, they changed their name to Aurora World Inc.  Today they operate as one of the leading companies in the global gift industry as people around the world enjoy their products.

Aurora World Products

When you look at an Aurora stuffed animal and hold it in your hands, you see and feel the quality and care going in to their designs.  Soft, durable plush fur on the outside, high-quality material for the stuffing, and neat, tight seams for the stitching.  Quality counts for nothing without the cuteness factor you expect to find in a stuffed animal, and Aurora’s stuffed animals possess no short supply of that.

Mini Flopsies

mini flopsie by aurora world

Pictured above you see some of the Mini Flopsies by Aurora.  Measuring approximately eight inches in length, bean-weighted for a floppy-bodied feel, and stuffed to the max to be utterly squeezable, little competition exists in the way of mini stuffed animals.  These cute and cuddly critters fit in the palm of your hand.  With over 120 different stuffed animals to choose from with this line, a wide variety of options present themselves.  Now take a look at the outrageous and affordable price.  Get as many of these as you want for just $4.99!


Flopsies Aurora World

Like their miniature counterparts, Flopsies by Aurora have long, bean-weighted limbs to give them a loose and floppy feeling.  They possess the same impeccable design as their mini counterparts, differing only in the way of size.  Many of the Mini Flopsies have a full-sized stuffed cousin in this line.  Measuring at twelve inches in length, these stuffed animals are more traditionally sized.

Super Flopsies

Super Flopsies Aurora World

Sometimes bigger is better, and the same goes for the world of stuffed animals.  You’ve probably already guessed what comes next, but check out the line of Super Flopsies by Aurora.  These adorable plush animals measure twenty-eight inches in length, big enough to wrap your arms around.  Stuffed well and super soft, use one of these as a pillow if you feel so inclined.

The list of amazing Aurora World products goes on and on.  I’ve just posted some of my favorites and most popular items available.  You can check out our full collection at Stuffed Safari.  I hope you enjoyed this little exposé on Aurora World Inc., one of our favorite manufacturers.  Thanks again for reading.  Feel free to leave any comments or questions in the comment section below.

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