Bulk Discount Prices

Bulk Discounts

Bulk discount prices are extended by retailers everywhere and Stuffed Safari is no exception.  Stuffed animals are long-time favorite, beloved by children and adults alike.  Whether you have one special plush toy, or an entire assortment, no one can deny these cute and cuddly buddies make for great companions.  Most of the time, we see people buying one or two to add to their collection, but sometimes we get some very outside-the-box purchases for stuffed animals you might find interesting or helpful in planning your next big occasion.

Bulk Discount Prices


Corporations and business-owners oftentimes give their employees gifts for conventions and big events.  Many of them call us to purchase stuffed animals with custom-printed bandanas bearing the company logo.  They make for excellent keepsakes, and raise morale with an adorable plush toy their employees will have for years to come.  Not to mention the potential advertising opportunities!  Have a business of your own? Our bulk discount might be just what you’re looking for.


How cool would it be to have your school mascot as a stuffed animal wearing a  bandana with your school’s name printed on it?  Or your mascot’s name? What parent, student, or teacher with any measure of school spirit wouldn’t want to get their hands on one?  They present for an excellent fundraiser too.  Purchase them from Stuffed Safari at a bulk discount rate, and sell them at your next event to raise money for your school. They’re sure to score a home run.

Birthday Parties

You know what makes great party favors? You guessed it! Stuffed animals.  We get calls every single day from parents planning Puppy Parties for their child.  These parties are very popular now, and we have a blog article dedicated to how to make a great one.  These party favors are not limited to puppies either.  We have seen jungle themes, barnyard themes, and even fantasy themes with our gnomes, unicorns, and dragons.  Our bulk discount prices and quick delivery will help you get the party started. Literally!

Sports Teams

Whether it’s for your son or daughter’s little league team, or for college basketball, with over 4000 stuffed animals to choose from, we have one that’s right for you.  Used as giveaways, prizes, fundraisers, or mementos for the players, we get calls from coaches all the time.  Kids grow up fast, and these stuffed animals serve as reminders for years to come.  Take advantage of our bulk discount prices and give your team or their fans something to leave a lasting impression.

Baby Showers

With our expansive selection of baby-safe plush toys, we get a lot of phone calls from ladies wanting to make their next baby shower over-the-top.  Some of them use the toys as centerpieces for the tables.  Others use them to make diaper cakes unbelievable cute and impossible to forget.  The really zealous ones do both.  Either way, Stuffed Safari has everything you need to make the shower a success.

The possibilities are endless.  We’ve sold to individuals, car dealerships, schools, non-profit organizations, businesses, corporations, and even movie studios.  Regardless of your needs, if you’re looking for stuffed animals in bulk, look no further.  With affordable prices already, our bulk discount prices are even better.  Our quick delivery and customization options will blow your mind.  The sky’s the limit.

If you found this article interesting or helpful, feel free to leave feedback in the comments section below. If you’re interested in purchasing Stuffed Animals in bulk, contact us at support@stuffedsafari.com or by phone 1(866)534-6004.  As always, thank you for reading!

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