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Halloween Costumes Using Stuffed Animals

Create Halloween Costumes Using Stuffed Animals Showing up in Halloween costumes using stuffed animals makes people the life of the party.  Packaged costumes are fun and convenient, but they are also expensive.  Why settle for ordinary?  Make your own costume and be extraordinary!  This ...Read More

The 8 Best Summertime Stuffed Animals of 2016

It is officially summer which means long days at the beach, snow cones, camping trips and cuddly stuffed animals! Wait a minute, one of these things doesn’t seem to belong. Beaches and snow cones undoubtedly make the cut. Camping is definitely a summertime activity. ...Read More

New Products for Summer 2016

New products are coming to Stuffed Safari.  Summer time is just around the corner, and with it comes a very exciting time.  Every year we strive to offer our customers the widest variety we can.  Always on the lookout for something fun, adorable, unique, ...Read More

Working at Stuffed Safari

When I meet new people, it seems all of them want to know what it’s like working at Stuffed Safari, an online plush toy retailer.  Honestly?  It’s pretty awesome!  Basically, I work for a toy store.  Cute stuffed animals are everywhere I look. We ...Read More

Bulk Discount Prices

Bulk Discounts Bulk discount prices are extended by retailers everywhere and Stuffed Safari is no exception.  Stuffed animals are long-time favorite, beloved by children and adults alike.  Whether you have one special plush toy, or an entire assortment, no one can deny these cute ...Read More

Valentine’s Day Personalized Stuffed Animals

Valentine’s Day comes up fast every year. It seems like February starts as soon Christmas celebrations end. Where does January go? Who knows? Flowers, chocolates, greeting cards, and stuffed animals are everywhere in February. It’s can be hard to think of an outside-the-box gift ...Read More