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Close at Heart: A Giveaway Like No Otter

Close at Heart: A Sea Otter Story by Jill Turner is a heart warming tale told in an ABCB rhyme scheme and featuring sweetly simple illustrations. This delightful children’s book came to our attention recently when Jill ordered stuffed sea otters to pair with her book. She was also nice enough to send us three autographed copies to give away just in time for the holiday season. Giving away three copies of Close at Heart: A Sea Otter Story would have been fun enough but we’re also including two stuffed sea otters with each copy. Enter the contest today!

Pairing kids’ books with stuffed animals is a great way to bring the stories and pictures on the pages to life. The combination stimulates and grows young imaginations. Children can act out the story with the stuffed animals. They might even create their own stories with the plush characters. It’s one more way that stuffed animals can be used to encourage learning and development. At Stuffed Safari, we love to see stuffed animals in action!

Author Jill Turner - Close at Heart: A Sea Otter Story

Jill Turner & two young otter lovers!

The Author – Jill Turner

Jill Turner is an independently published author and illustrator who lives by the beach in New Jersey. She wrote and illustrated Close at Heart: A Sea Otter Story, published it, and takes it to as many trade and craft shows as time allows. Her labor of love is a reader’s delight and her dedication to her work is second to none. Like the otters in her story, Jill does have some help along the way.

The book is dedicated to Jill’s mother. She assists Jill in getting her book in the hands of young readers. Together they have done a fantastic job of promoting Jill’s first book. The young third grade teacher is passionate about children and animals (especially sea otters) and already has a second book in the works. Jill holds a master’s degree in special education from The College of New Jersey. She spends her free time spreading the otter love.

Close at Heart: A Sea Otter Story

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The Book – Close at Heart: A Sea Otter Story

Close at Heart: A Sea Otter Story was published in 2015 and has been very well received by children and adults alike. The story is centered on an adorable sea otter that gets separated from his friend. Sea otters hold hands while they sleep and you will learn why by the end of the book. The sea otter characters make the familiar story feel unique. It’s the kind of bedtime story that will be read over and over again but never get old. The catchy, rhyming verses will surely be memorized after a few readings.

The structure of the book is perfect for teaching children to read. Children and adults can take turns reading aloud from page to page or line to line. This is a great way to develop early reading skills. Afterwards, new readers can be prompted to talk about the friendship, teamwork, and helpfulness found in the short tale. The illustrations also do a wonderful job of telling the story. As a result, children will better understand the words as they read. Most of all, the adorable drawings will turn every reader into an otter lover. Close at Heart: A Sea Otter Story belongs on every child’s bookshelf!

sea otter stuffed animals from stuffed safari

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The Buddies – Sea Otter Stuffed Animals

Sea otters are not pets. This might be a problem after reading Close at Heart: A Sea Otter Story. Cuddling up to a sea otter can quickly become a new obsession. We have the solution. In addition to this delightful book you will need some sea otter stuffed animals! One stuffed sea otter is nice but to really drive home the theme of the book you’ll need two. We’ve selected Otto the Stuffed Otter by Aurora and the Hug ‘Ems Small Sea Otter Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic. Both plush otters are about seven to eight inches long and make perfect reading buddies. You can find a whole bunch of adorable sea otter stuffed animals here!

autographed book and stuffed sea otters

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The Contest – A Giveaway Like No Otter!

Winning an autographed copy of Close at Heart: A Sea Otter Story by Jill Turner and two stuffed sea otters from Stuffed Safari is easy. First, follow the link below for full details. Then enter your information and you’re all done! The contest begins on 11/7/16 and runs through 11/17/16. Three lucky winners will be announced on our Facebook page and notified by email. Be sure to like us on Facebook, sign up for our newsletter, and keep up with our blog for future contest announcements!

UPDATE: This contest has ended.

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