Douglas Co. Manufacturer Exposé

Over the course of nearly 60 years, Douglas has established itself as one of the most respected plush manufacturers in the United States.  Family-owned and operated, this company maintains passion for their craft and a strong worth ethic.  Headquartered in New Hampshire, they mastermind their designs here in the States before manufacturing in Asia to their exact specifications and standards.  The hard work and unprecedented reception of their products transformed them into an international company with distribution throughout Australia, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Douglas Cuddle Toy Logo

Known for producing quality products, witness a noticeable difference between their stuffed animals and that of other companies.  That’s why Stuffed Safari proudly carries products made by Douglas Co.  Their products possess a superiority you can both see and feel.  Plush fur as close to the real thing as it gets.  Stuffing materials of the highest quality to offer optimal softness.  And stitching sure to last for years.  Just some of the many charms found among their stuffed animals.

Stuffed Dogs by Douglas

Now take a look at these Stuffed Dogs by Douglas.  Unlike some plush manufacturers, Douglas pays great attention to the detail and design of their stuffed dogs.  Rather than having a generic dog plush toy, you can find many popular dog breeds in varying sizes.  They are known for and take great pride on offering unusual breeds and hard-to-find species with their stuffed animals.

Stuffed Cats by Douglas

In addition, Douglas Co. gives the same attention to quality and detail to their Stuffed Cats.  Notice several different unique breeds pictured above.  Stuffed cats are easy to come by, but it is rare to find breed-specific designs—especially with such a wide selection and varying sizes.  It goes without saying that these plush kitties are incredibly cute and cuddly.

I hope you have enjoyed this little exposé on Douglas, one of our favorite manufacturers.  Thanks again for reading.  Feel free to leave any comments or questions in the comment section below.


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