Early Education Videos Kids Will Love – Let’s Learn!

Let’s Learn with Stuffed Animals

Check out these five short early education videos for kids from ages 2-5! Just push play to help children learn the basics of letters, counting, shapes, and colors. This super cute video playlist makes learning fun. It starts with learning the ABC’s and continues on to counting. After letters and numbers the videos move on to shapes and colors.

The final early education video is more advanced. Begin discussing it after the first four are mastered and memorized. It explains primary and secondary colors with fun plush examples. Colorful and cute stuffed animals make even the most advanced of our early education videos easy to understand. Your little one will be a master of letters, numbers, shapes, and colors in no time!

Let’s Learn ABC’s

There’s a stuffed animal for every letter at StuffedSafari.com. Well, almost every letter.
We had to get a little creative with the letter “X”!

Let’s Learn Numbers

It’s time to learn to count. You need to know how many stuffed animals are in your backpack!

Let’s Learn Shapes

Knowing shapes is important. How else can you tell the difference between a cookie and a slice of pie?

Let’s Learn Colors

Colors are everywhere. Everywhere! Which is your favorite?

Let’s Learn Color Mixing

Put on your thinking cap. After this video you will be a master color maker!

More Early Education Videos to Come

There is so much to learn and so many stuffed animals to make learning easy and fun. Stay tuned for more early education videos from Stuffed Safari. We’re currently planning some really fun basic math and animal science videos. Be sure to check out The Wild Side while you are here. It is full of cool animal facts and amazing pictures. Let us know if there is an educational topic that you think our stuffed animals could help teach. Leave your ideas in the comments. We’ll see if we can bring them to life. Happy learning!

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