Easy DIY Flower Vase Decorations in 5 Simple Steps

We love getting creative in all sorts of fun ways at Stuffed Safari. This includes finding new and exciting uses for stuffed animals beyond the standard cuddle. Fun things like easy DIY flower vase decorations. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE the standard cuddle. We also love thinking outside the box and so do most of our customers! We sell our stuffed animals for many creative reasons.

Creative Stuffed Animal Projects;

-Wax dipping (look it up, it’s very cool!)
Puppy and kitty adoption parties
Promotional giveaways
Halloween costumes
-Homecoming mums
-Movie & TV props
-The list can go on and on!

We recently added some unique vase hugger stuffed animals from Aurora, one of our fantastic manufacturers, to our site. Don’t panic. They aren’t AT ALL related to a facehuggers, the spooky alien creatures that are definitely not cuddly! Vase huggers have a very specific purpose. They make vases cuter and a lot more fun!

Sounds crazy, right? If you think about it you’ll realize it isn’t crazy at all. Hugging is what stuffed animals do best! Plush vase huggers are just a little bit better at it. Have a look and let us explain.

easy DIY flower vase decorations

How Do Vase Huggers Hug?

These stuffed animals have soft little ribbons attached to their tiny paws. Tie the ribbons around a vase to secure the stuffed animal. You could also tie it on an arm, a mailbox, or a newel post! You get the idea. Wait, one more. Tie it around a flag pole, attach a rope, and raise your plush vase hugger every day. Let your fuzzy flag fly!

Once we got our hands on these vase huggers we knew what we had to do. Use them to decorate vases, of course! We loved how easy it was to decorate the vases and knew customers would love it too. So follow along to the five easy steps below to make your own simple decorated vases. It’s an easy, fun activity for all ages. Decorated flower vases are great gifts or centerpieces for many occasions! Read and follow these five steps or watch the video below to learn this quick and easy vase decorating method.

Easy DIY Flower Vase Decorations in 5 Steps

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Step One: Gather Supplies

You will need;
-A vase or jar, nearly any size will work
-Flowers, fake or real
-Decorative beads for fake flowers
-Floral foam or wet water beads for real flowers
-A vase hugger from StuffedSafari.com (Only $9.99!)
-Optional, but totally cool, add a custom bandana when ordering the vase hugger

Step 2: Fill Vase

Step Two: Fill Vase

-Take your beads, foam, or water beads and fill up the vase. You want whatever you are filling the vase with to come about halfway up. If you chose real flowers, be sure to fill it full enough that the stems can reach the water source. Real flowers are thirsty!

Step 3: Add Flowers

Step Three: Add Flowers

-Arrange your flowers any way that you think looks best. You can even match your flowers to your vase hugger for a little more pizazz!

Step 4: Add Vase Hugger

Step Four: Add Vase Hugger

-Here is the fun part! Take your super cute and super cuddly vase hugger and tie it tightly around your vase. You can position it along the vase where ever it looks best to you. A simple knot followed by a bow will keep your vase hugger attached.

Step 5: Step Back and Enjoy

Step Five: Step Back and Enjoy

-Stand, admire your work, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You’re a beautiful, creative genius!

Are you more of a visual learner? Check out our how-to video!

That’s it! Easy DIY flower vase decorations in five simple steps. Easy as pie, not as delicious, but just as delightful to look at. Happy vase decorating!

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