Fiesta Toy Manufacturer Exposé

Fiesta Toy Company History

Founded by Harold Kleinman in 1972, Fiesta is a manufacturer and distributor of plush toys.  Since the inception of the company, they have worked to provide quality plush, competitive pricing, and streamline designs for their stuffed animals.  Just as much attention goes towards safety standards in the design of their products.  They make earnest effort to be in complete compliance with all safety testing and certification requirements.  With a wide scope of distribution, Fiesta Toy has become a name that people know, love, and trust when it comes to stuffed animals and plush toys.

Fiesta Toy Logo


Known for their wide variety and breathtaking design, Fiesta manufactures stuffed animals of just about everything.  Whether you’re looking for a teddy bear as a present for the young one in your life, or an exotic animal plush toy for the wildlife lover in your family, Fiesta has something for you.  They look further than the sky for the limit, offering stuffed animals in the likeness of real-life counterparts found on land and at sea as well.

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Look at the Jungle Babies by Fiesta.  These bean-weighted stuffed animals measure approximately seven inches in height.  While they might be small in stature, they more than make up for it with a huge cuteness factor.  At such an affordable price, they are a collector’s dream come true.

Fiesta Toy Jungle Baby Stuffed Animals

A Classic Design with a Twist

One of my favorite lines of stuffed animal from Fiesta is the Fuzzy Folk.  Sewn, stuffed, and structured with the classic teddy bear design, these floppy, long-limbed stuffed animals will steal your heart.  Their plush fur is longer than that of the average stuffed animal, so they feel softer to the touch.  Measuring sixteen inches, the Fuzzy Folk are the perfect size for a plush companion—just big enough to wrap your arms around in a big hug.

Fiesta Toy Fuzzy Folk Plush

Coming Soon

Stuffed animals designed with realism may strike us as stunning and adorable, but Fiesta likes to explore the crazy and the colorful too.  Take a moment to look at the breathtaking design of the Rainbow Hearts by Fiesta.  They vary in size, but share some eye-catching features in their theme.  White-as-snow plush with rainbow hearts printed on the outside.  Captivating, colorful, and far from ordinary, this is just one example of several designs by Fiesta.  Look for this line of stuffed animals in mid-June 2017 at Stuffed Safari.

Fiesta Toy Rainbow Hearts Plush

We at Stuffed Safari and proud to carry Fiesta Toy products.  Whether you’re looking for cats, dogs, farm animals, aquatic creatures, reptiles, or even insects, you can rest assured you’ve purchased something special with a Fiesta item.  These are just three examples of some of the wonderful designs they have taken the time to create.

I hope you have enjoyed this little expose on Fiesta, one of our favorite manufacturers.  Thanks again for reading.  Feel free to leave any comments or questions in the comment section below.

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