Halloween Costumes Using Stuffed Animals

Create Halloween Costumes Using Stuffed Animals

Showing up in Halloween costumes using stuffed animals makes people the life of the party.  Packaged costumes are fun and convenient, but they are also expensive.  Why settle for ordinary?  Make your own costume and be extraordinary!  This post offers a few great ideas for how to use stuffed animals to put your costume over the top.

Halloween Costumes Using Stuffed Animals


Crazy Cat Lady

Halloween costumes using stuffed animals

The phone rang off the hook last year around Halloween.  Customers called to get their hands on some stuffed cats.  Most with the same idea in mind: Crazy Cat Lady.   First of all, they got their hands on some rollers to do up their hair.  In addition, they painted their faces with too much makeup.   Finally, they slipped into their fuzzy house slippers and robe.  Now, only one element remained: the cats.  Using the affordable Cat Mini Flopsies by Aurora and a few safety pins, these daring ladies secured two, three, and even ten cats onto their costume.  It really drives the image home.  Halloween costumes using stuffed animals has never been so much fun!

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Halloween Costumes Using Stuffed Animals

Dorothy costumes are easy enough to come by if you know where to look.  White shirt?  Check.  White socks?  Check.  Blue Dress?  Check.  Since Dorothy still needs her faithful sidekick, Toto, there’s only one thing left to do.  Besides,  she runs the risk of being mistaken for Belle from Beauty and the Beast without Toto.  Remember, Belle wore a blue dress too.  So find yourself a classic picnic basket, a Stuffed Cairn Terrier, and a pair of ruby slippers to click together.  You’ll be off to see the Wizard with one of these Halloween costumes using stuffed animals!


Halloween Costumes Using Stuffed Animals


Picking a Halloween costume and committing to it presents difficulty, but sticking with the classics provides an easy win.  And you can’t go wrong with a pirate because everyone loves a jolly pirate!  Still, details really set apart good costumes from great costumes.  Consider all the accessories associated with pirates.  Eye patches, peg legs, hooked hands, swashbuckler boots, and a cutlass.  There are lots of ways to spruce up your pirate costume, but my personal favorite is the parrot.  All of the best pirates carry a trusty parrot on their shoulder.  Luckily for you, we offer a plethora of Stuffed Parrots and Stuffed Macaws from which to choose.

Raining Cats and Dogs


While sticking with the classics is a sure, safe bet, sometimes you need something a little outside the box.  Check out this ‘Raining Cats and Dogs’ costume.  Get your hands on a rain coat and boots, an umbrella, and some stuffed cats and dogs.  Since I already gave you the link for the cats earlier, I’ve provided a link to our Dog Mini Flopsies by Aurora to pick from as well.  Just fasten a few plush toys to your umbrella, and dress up in one of our clever Halloween costumes using stuffed animals everyone is sure to love.


Halloween Costumes Using Stuffed Animals


You’ll see here a little girl dressed in scrubs and using a thermometer on a stuffed teddy bear.  The possibilities as to which stuffed animal(s) to use are limitless.  Find a doctor costume or make one yourself if you’re a DIY kind of person.  Now, all you need is a stethoscope, a thermometer, and a Realistic Stuffed Animal and you’re little one is all set for a truly innovative costume.  Plus, they get a stuffed animal out of it.

In conclusion, any of these Halloween costumes using stuffed animals gives you a great costume this year.  Consider your options with an open mind, and pick the one best for you.  You need look no further than Stuffed Safari for your stuffed animals.  I hope this post provided you with ideas for a great costume this year.  As always, thank you so much for reading.  Feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comment section below.  Above all, have a Happy Halloween!

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