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Hang Out with Hoagie & Katie

It’s hard to believe that National Reading Month 2017 is already halfway over! Our first two giveaways this month were for the bird-lovers. Better than for the birds, right!? This week we’re going to head off in an exotic direction with Hoagie & Katie. This hamster and capybara (bonus points if you already know what a capybara is) embark on an adventure together much like Quincy and his family did in our previous book. We love a good adventure here at Stuffed Safari!

Written by first-time author Rio Koviak, this is the first – and only – chapter book that we are giving away this month. If you are looking for a gift for a slightly older reader, then this contest is for you. It’s also the last National Reading Month contest that will have three winners. After this one, the remaining contest will have only one lucky winner. A Grand Finale of sorts, if you will. What we’re saying is, you should enter now!

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Go on, we’ll wait. It’s okay. Come right back! Perfect. Now that you’re entered we can fill you in on what you’re going to win (fingers crossed)! We have three autographed copies of this chapter book to give away. Each hardcover book comes with a Hoagie & Katie bookmark and two stuffed animals! The stuffed hamster comes with a customized green bandana with the name “Hoagie” on it. The stuffed capybara’s yellow bandana is imprinted with the name “Katie”. Are you ready to meet the author, Rio Koviak?

Author Rio Koviak

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The Author – Rio Koviak

Rio Koviak lives in Oregon with her husband, two children, and a cat. Surprisingly, there is no hamster or capybara in her home! She holds a degree in both Theater and Animal Behavior. This scholastic background lends itself perfectly to her foray into writing captivating books about animals for children. Interestingly enough, early in her Animal Behavior studies Rio had planned on working with orphaned sea otters. She even moved to Northern California to do so. Our first ever book giveaway author, Jill Turner, would surely approve!

Rio occasionally works as a voice-over artist and also reads manuscripts for her husband’s book design business. Convenient, right!? If Rio and the other independent authors we’re featuring this month have inspired you to write your own book, perhaps you can reach out to theBookDesigners for some assistance. (No, Rio didn’t ask for a shameless plug for her husband. It was our choice to share!)

The Book – Hoagie & Katie

Hoagie & Katie Book by Rio Koviak

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Before you read a single word, Hoagie & Katie catches your eye. Then, in the first paragraph, you read “And everything seemed so colorful somehow.” and it feels like Rio knows exactly how she drew you in. The bright greens, reds, oranges, and yellows on the cover along with the realistic images of the animal characters are truly stunning. While the images are amazing, the story is just as interesting and in-depth. Let’s not forget, this is a chapter book for kids that need a little more challenge from their reading selections. There is plenty of subject matter covered. Topics like friendship, acceptance, bravery, and socializing surface along the way as we follow Hoagie & Katie, a hamster and a capybara, through the Costa Rican jungle. They are both lost but finding themselves along the way.

When children are making the transition from reading picture books to chapter books, Hoagie & Katie should be at the top of their reading list. It has plenty of stunning pictures but also navigates through 6 chapters in 58 pages. The writing style is accessible for young readers but is engaging enough for children that are further along in their development. Hoagie & Katie is a delight for adults who like to read aloud. There are plenty of animal characters to bring to life with silly and fun voices. By the end of the book, readers will know more about the wildlife and environment in Costa Rica without even realizing that they were learning. For instance, we learn at one point that a capybara is a “hamster/guinea pig thingy”. It’s the good, easy kind of learning! There are more scientific facts to pick up along the way as well.

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Rio Koviak has developed a rich world with lovable characters that have the potential to live on through several stories and adventures. Hopefully, for readers’ sake, she continues to write about Hoagie, Katie, and the other characters she has introduced in her first book. Hoagie & Katie is available for Kindle as well as in hardcover and paperback. You can purchase a copy through Rio’s website which also includes a very cool feature that allows you to preview the book before you buy.

The Buddies – A Hamster & A Capybara

Stuffed Hamsters & Stuffed Capybaras

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Playing the part of Hoagie in our book giveaway is Brushy the Hamster by Douglas. Brushy is one of our most popular stuffed animals but this is his first acting role. We feel he plays the part of Hoagie perfectly. Katie is played by the Plush Capybara Conservation Critter by Wildlife Artists. Together, these two stuffed animals make perfect companions to the book. We are also including custom bandanas printed with each character’s name. The bandanas can be seen in the photo to the right. Personalized bandanas add a nice touch to any plush gift and help to give a stuffed animal personality. In this case, you know right away that these are the adorable characters from the book.

Brushy is a small stuffed animal, about the size of an actual hamster, and is are normally priced at $7.50. The Plush Capybara Conservation Critter is around 11 inches long so it’s not quite as large as an actual capybara. It costs $13.99 at StuffedSafari.com. Their size makes them perfect for car trips or flights where they can help read the book and keep kids entertained. You can use the code BOOKWORM10 to save ten percent on them, or any purchase, through the end of the month. If you aren’t feeling very lucky or just can’t wait to have your very own Hoagie & Katie you can at least save a little money when you purchase them. Now, on to the contest!

The Contest – Hang Out with Hoagie & Katie

Hoagie & Katie Single Prizes

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Three lucky winners will each receive an autographed, hardcover copy of the book, a Hoagie & Katie bookmark, and two stuffed animals from Stuffed Safari. Like most good things in life, you have to be 18 to enter. No worries if you aren’t old enough. Just have your parents, or any capable adult, enter for you. Tell them that entering is easy. All an adult has to do to enter is follow the link below and enter his or her full name and a valid email address. It’s so easy even a hamster or a capybara could do it! Would you like more chances to win? Of course you would. Keep reading!

Earn Extra Entries!

Check this out. You can have unlimited entries to the Hoagie & Katie book giveaway. After you enter you will receive an email with a very important link. Any time that someone enters the contest using your link, you will earn an extra entry. How cool is that?! Share the link by emailing it to your friends or posting it on social media. There is no limit to the amount of times you can be entered when your refer-a-friend link is used. Cool, right? The contest begins 3/15/17 and ends 3/20/17 at noon.

Good luck and be sure to check back next week for details on our final National Reading Month contest. We’re doing our best to give you free books and stuffed animals this month! Be sure to like and share Rio’s Hoagie & Katie Facebook page to stay up to date with her book signings and other activities. You never know, maybe Hoagie & Katie will have more adventures in the future. Finally, read books this month! This book, the other books we’ve given away, or any book you can get your hands on. You won’t regret it!

***UPDATE – Contest has ended.***

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