Make a Homecoming Mum Using Stuffed Animals (How-To Video)

Hiya Folks! It is that time of year again. The leaves are starting to change and Halloween is just around the corner! For many young people this is also the time of year for a very important event. It’s finally time for homecoming! In parts of the U.S., mainly Texas, a homecoming mum is a big (and we mean BIG) deal. First, we’ll tell you all you need to know about mums. After that, we’ve created a handy how-to video to help you make your own homecoming mum. Of course, our mum has stuffed animals as its main component. No surprise there. Stuffed animals are kind of our thing!

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Homecoming Mum Using Stuffed Animals

What is a Homecoming Mum?

That is a wonderful question! A homecoming mum is essentially a giant corsage with many colors and details specific to the student’s school and interests. Mums often feature stuffed animals, flowers, ribbons, and, of course, bling. While homecoming celebrations did not originate in Texas, the homecoming mum did. The tradition started in the early 1900’s. One sweet boy gave one lucky girl a single chrysanthemum and golly did it grow from there!

The evolution of the homecoming mum happened over many years. They became what they are now some time in the 1970’s. Mums went from one flower with a few ribbons to “Is there a Texas teenager hiding behind that giant mum?”. A Texas-sized tradition was born!

If you ask any Texan, they’ll happily explain the do’s and don’ts of the homecoming mum. For example, do get a garter for your date. A garter is a mini mum that the gents wear on their arms to match their gal. Don’t even think about wearing a triple mum (which is HUGE) or a white mum if you are a freshman. Triples and white mums are for seniors only!

Who Makes Homecoming Mums?

Many moms make homecoming mums for their daughters. Master mum makers also make many mums. Try saying that three times fast! We wanted to get in on the mum tradition and thought our customers might enjoy it as well. Grab your craft bin, your glue gun, and an adult if you are a young blog reader. Now you’re ready to DIY your very own mum! Watch our step-by-step video guide to learn how to make your own homecoming mum using stuffed animals. We’ve also outlined the steps with time stamps and pictures to make things nice and easy. Happy crafting!

STEP 1: Gather Supplies (0:00:08)

  • Cardboard circle, 10 inches in diameter.
  • Many spools of ribbon with varying widths. Correspond the ribbons with your color scheme.
  • Flowers. Chrysanthemums (Get it? Mums!) are the most common choice. Fake flowers work best.
  • Stuffed animals. Might we recommend some from
  • Scrap fabric. You’ll need enough to cover the cardboard circle.
  • Scissors, hot glue gun, glue stick, stapler, tape, and string.
  • Doilies.

STEP 2: Prepare the Cardboard and Neck Ribbon (0:00:36)

Homecoming Mum Step Two

  • Cut a cardboard circle out 10 inches in diameter. You can use a paper plate to make a perfect circle.
  • Mark the cardboard with four well spaced spots then cut holes on these spots. The holes are for the neck tie.
  • Cut a four foot length of ribbon and loop it through the holes as seen in the guide below.

Homecoming Mum Step Two Neck Tie Guide

STEPS 3 and 4: Prepare and Attach the Hanging Ribbons (0:02:04)

Homecoming Mum Steps Three and Four

  • Measure, cut, and lay out your ribbons in the pattern you plan to have them in. Our ribbons are 21 inches long. Yours can be longer or shorter.
  • Use the hot glue gun to carefully attach the ribbons to the bottom of the mum. (0:02:55)

STEP 5: Assemble and Attach Base Decorations (0:03:49)

Homecoming Mum Step Five

  • Prepare 30 ribbons. Pick two colors and cut fifteen, 7 inch ribbons of each. Loop them as seen in the video. (0:04:02)
  • Attach the ribbons around the edge of the cardboard circle alternating colors as you go.
  • Glue down a doily for neatness.
  • Now attach the second layer of looped ribbons. You will need 24 ribbons in a third color.
  • Attach a second trimmed doily to the center.

STEP 6: Add Flowers and Stuffed Animals (0:06:26)

Homecoming Mum Step Six

  • Decide where you want your decorations on the mum.
  • Cut out two neck holes for each stuffed animal.
  • We used two 6 Inch Rainbow Brights Teddy Bears by First and Main, one is wearing a custom bandana!
  • Cut two, two foot lengths of string.
  • Attach the flowers using a hot glue gun. Be careful not to cover the neck holes.
  • Loop the string around the stuffed animals’ necks.
  • Pull the string through the flowers and cardboard. Tie it a in bow to keep the stuffed animals in place.
  • Use tape to hold down the extra string.

STEP 7: Add Finishing Touches and Enjoy (0:11:38)

  • Cut out a circle of the scrap fabric to cover the back of the cardboard. Leave the neck ties exposed!
  • Attach the fabric with the hot glue gun. Add any additional bling.
  • Stand back and admire your AMAZING HOMECOMING MUM!

Did our instructional video inspire you to make your own homecoming mum? Let us know! We’d love to see pictures. Send them to and we’ll share them on our social media channels. When homecoming is over it is time to start thinking about promposals. Of course, we think stuffed animal promposals are the best. Start planning now to make it a great one!

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