New Products for Summer 2016

New products are coming to Stuffed Safari.  Summer time is just around the corner, and with it comes a very exciting time.  Every year we strive to offer our customers the widest variety we can.  Always on the lookout for something fun, adorable, unique, or outright crazy, we add products to our website we hope you’ll love.  With so many creative lines out there, it’s hard to narrow down which ones are going to be the right fit for our site.  Already, hundreds have been added and hundreds more are on their way.  Here’s a preview of some of the great new stuffed animals featured on our site.

New Products – Summer 2016

New Products Baby Safe Plush


What’s a Fursian? I’m glad you asked. Fursians are a signature design by Fiesta Toy. They feature a round fluffy body, a long plush tail, and big sparkly eyes. There are sixteen different Fursians by Fiesta ranging from rainbow cats to squirrel monkeys.  They’re absolutely and hilariously adorable.  I have Churro the Fursians Platypus Plush Toy by Fiesta on my desk right now.  With its bean-weighted body and durable stitching, these stuffed animals are fun to play with.  You can toss these new products, twirl them, and they’re super soft.

new products fursians


Lubby Cubbies

What’s super tiny, round, and a sweet new friend you just have to meet?  Lubby Cubbies by Fiesta.  These tiny stuffed animals you have to see to believe.  With sparkly tear drop eyes, bean filled bodies, and button noses, these tiny round stuffed animals are almost too cute to handle. Measuring approximately 3 inches in height, these new products fit great on a shelf or into a backpack for on-the-go.

new products lubby cubbies

Every day at Stuffed Safari, we get parents calling about using stuffed animals as party favors for their child’s next birthday.  With Lubby Cubbies being so small and affordable, I think they would make the perfect party favor.  There are seventeen different ones to pick from, which gives you options for uniformity or variety.

FantaSea Clip-Ons

Stuffed Safari carries a big selection of clip-on stuffed animals, but these new products from First and Main stand out among the rest.  Twelve different popular sea creatures have been colored in a bright and beautiful scheme.  Add a clip-on clasp to the top of their head, and these keychain-sized stuffed animals are ready to go.  I have a hard time keeping track of my keys.  With one of these new products, I’d never lose sight of them.  They’re the perfect combination of color, flair, and class.

new products fantasea clip ons

Hanging Monkeys

Hanging stuffed monkeys with Velcro hands and feet have been around for a while.  Their long dangly limbs make them fun to look at and fun to play with.  Fiesta Toy has taken these hanging monkeys to an entirely new level, and put them into costumes.  There are six different ones, and all of them so adorable it’s absurd at times.  Can you think of anything more adorable than a monkey in a ballerina costume hanging from your rearview mirror?  I sure can’t!  There’s no end to the monkey business with these new products.

new products hanging monkeys

Baby Safe Plush

Stuffed Safari makes sure to offer baby safe stuffed animals suitable for age birth and up.  Since we have added some new products, we now have over three hundred baby safe items to choose from.  First and Main thinks outside the box with their animals, offering variety in sizes and designs.  With so many different ones to choose from, it’s hard to decide which one to pick to make lasting memories for the baby in your life.

new products baby safe plush

These are just a few of the new products that have come on so far.  And we’re getting ready to launch hundreds more this year.  Keep an eye out on our site, like us on Facebook so you can get the announcements of new products as they come on line.  2016 is an exciting year for stuffed animals and the party has only just started.

As always, thank you so much for reading.  I hope you found this article informative and helpful.  If you have questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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