The 7 Best Promposal Ideas Using Stuffed Animals

Promposal is a cross between the words prom and proposal. If this isn’t ringing a bell, then maybe you haven’t heard high school bells ring in a while. That’s okay! By the end of this blog you’ll be a promposal expert. Great promposal ideas will fill your head! After reading, you can share your newfound knowledge with the high school students in your life.  So, what exactly is a promposal? A promposal is a creative and thoughtfully planned invitation to prom. The goal is to think of a clever and unique way to ask, “Will you go to prom with me?”. People use food, artwork, car decorations, and tons of other methods to craft memorable promposals.

Plush Promposal Ideas

This might be obvious but at Stuffed Safari we think that the best promposal ideas use stuffed animals. As a high school student you want a promposal that everyone will talk about. Even better, you want them to talk about it for the rest of your high school career. You want to wow and impress your potential prom date. Most importantly, you want the answer to be yes. That’s why we are here to help. Here are our seven best promposal ideas using stuffed animals!

1. A Personalized Promposal

Do you have bad handwriting? Don’t know where to start when it comes to poster boards and art supplies? Not a problem. We have you covered. Give your potential prom date a plush animal with your very own custom promposal message. You don’t have to rack your brain trying to be artistic. Your potential date gets a personalized promposal. Everyone wins! Learn more about personalizing stuffed animals by clicking the photo. These also make great Valentine’s or birthday gifts. Just saying!

2. A SUPER  Promposal

Do you know a superhero fan? This is a fly way to ask him or her to prom. All you need is a powerful pun and a stuffed animal dressed as a favorite super hero. This is the best way to tell your potential date that prom night will be for “just us”. After seeing this promposal your date will leap tall buildings to be in your arms!

Promposal with Stuffed Super Heroes

3. A LIT Promposal

Did the idea light bulb just turn on above your head? Try using a light up firefly puppet. Prom night will be lit! You and your date can even use firefly finger puppets as part of your prom outfits. No one will have similar accessories. That’s another bright side!

Make Prom Night Lit with a Promposal Using Stuffed Fireflies

4. A  Harry Potter Promposal

Wingardium Leviosa! This is a levitating promposal idea made perfectly for Harry Potter lovers. First make a prom invitation in the form of a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After crafting your invitation, deliver it accompanied by a messenger owl stuffed animal. This promposal idea is sure to spark some magic!

Harry Potter Promposal Ideas with Stuffed Owl

5. The Purrfect Cat Promposal – A Prompuzzle!

What’s better than a word puzzle? How about a word puzzle involving stuffed cats? You can make your potential prom date a word puzzle with cat stuffed animals! The puzzle should spell out the word “PROM?”. You can use as many cats as you like to ask the question but you’ll need at least five. Using too many could be a bit much. You want the promposal to be clear and easy to come by. Stuffed cats make everything better, especially promposal ideas!

Cat word puzzle promposal ideas

6. A Promposal That Will Make Everyone Jelly

Shock everyone with this unique promposal idea! Let your potential prom date know that they’re special. So special, in fact, that being your date will make everyone else jelly! This one is also great if your prom uses the popular “Under the Sea” theme. Matching your proposal ideas to your prom theme adds style points. Using a stuffed jellyfish for your promposal is much less messy than spelling it out in grape jelly. Besides that, you can reduce the sting of a possible rejection by cuddling with your new stuffed jellyfish!

A One of a Kind Promposal idea with a Stuffed Jellyfish

7. A Simple, Yet Meaningful Promposal

If simplicity is your thing, this is the promposal idea for you. Try a teddy bear, or any stuffed animal, with a custom T-shirt reading the phrase “Prom?”. It’s simple, right to the point, and still very special. It never hurts to add flowers in between the stuffed animal’s arms. First, make sure your potential date doesn’t have any flower allergies!

After that, you can check out the personalized stuffed animals we offer that can wear t-shirts. You are sure to find your potential date’s favorite animal. There are hundreds! Pick the best one, add your message, and let us take care of the rest. You could even mail it directly to your potential date’s home. If you do, be sure to include a special gift note. It helps to know who sent the plush promposal!

Teddy Bear Promposal Idea with Custom Message

Why You Need the Best Promposal Ideas

Still wondering why you should carefully plan your promposal? Why not simply ask a person to prom without doing anything extra? Look at it this way. You could take the ACT without preparing. You know you are smart so any test will be a breeze. Wrong! This isn’t just any old math test. This is the ACT! In the same way, prom is not just any old dance or date. It’s the big one!

Prepare. Be thoughtful. Study promposal ideas like your life depends on it. Exponentially increase your chances of getting the date you want. Not sure what exponentially means? Sign up for ACT prep classes. Before you do that, we leave you with seven benefits of choosing the best promposal ideas.

  1. Asking a straight forward question is brave but it doesn’t showcase your creativity or spirit. You have to sell yourself!
  2. Thoughtfully planning a promposal will make your potential prom date feel special. No matter the result, this is rewarding in itself.
  3. Promposal ideas reflect what going to prom with you will be like. Planning an exciting promposal reassures your date that you’ll make prom night fun.
  4. Creative promposal ideas lead to lifelong memories. A stuffed animal promposal gives your date something to remember you by forever.
  5. Exciting promposal ideas are great conversation starters.  You will have something fun to talk about at After-Prom.
  6. Unique promposal ideas increase the odds of getting a “yes” by 312%. (Okay, we made that number up but it has to be close.)
  7. Executing a great promposal idea is better than studying for the ACT!

This concludes our promposal ideas lesson. Now it is time to get busy getting that date. Good luck!

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