Scooter and the Stuffed Purple Snake

Having so many stuffed animals at hand, we at Stuffed Safari receive calls for every reason under the sun.

“I need a stuffed teddy bear to ask my girlfriend to Prom.”

“I need twenty-five different stuffed dogs for my daughter’s puppy party.”

“We need a thousand personalized stuffed foxes to promote our business.”

Hundreds of orders come through every day. Hundreds of stuffed animals are boxed up and shipped to new homes.  Most of the time, these plush companions are never seen or heard from again.  Every now and then, someone takes the time to tell us what happened after they received their package.  The stories that make a lasting impression are the ones letting us know exactly how much receiving their stuffed animal meant to them.  We decided to share the story of Scooter and the Stuffed Purple Snake with all of our readers.  So without further ado…Stuffed Safari presents:

Scooter and the Stuffed Purple Snake

Scooter and the Stuffed Purple Snake

Scooter and the Stuffed Purple Snake is a cute and touching tale about a little kitty in Canada and his favorite stuffed animal.  This adorable kitty belongs to Don and Mary from Ontario.  When Scooter was about a year and half old, he fell ill.  They took their beloved pet to the animal hospital because he was not eating.  With no good prognosis from the vet, they took Scooter home to spend what time he had left in the comfort of a familiar place.  But the first thing he did was eat a bit of food, drink some water, and curl up next to his security blanket: a stuffed snake of all things.

Fourteen years later, Scooter is alive and well, and that stuffed snake had been a constant nap buddy for him throughout the years.  Unfortunately, one of Don and Mary’s other cats had a mishap with the stuffed snake, ruining it.  This, as you might imagine, put Scooter in a great amount of distress.  Poor little guy!  I can just imagine him pacing and meowing, wondering aloud where his stuffed snake had gone.  As loving pet owners, Don and Mary sought to find a replacement, and that’s how they found us.

Scooter’s New Snake

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find a snake of the exact likeness to the original. We were able to help provide a suitable replacement.  We boxed up the Multi-Print Lavender Snake Stuffed Animal by Aurora and shipped it off to its new home.  About a week later, we received the pictures of Scooter snuggled up next to his new stuffed snake. We all had one reaction.


With any business—even the stuffed animal business—it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine and forget that every one of our orders has a destination and a story behind it.  Don and Mary gave us a warm and heartfelt reminder at how big a difference something as simple as a purple stuffed snake can make.  They expressed several times how pleased they were with our customer service, our shipping efficiency, and the pleasant conversation they had with one of our representatives when they called to place their order over the phone.  It’s always nice to hear that we’ve done a good job, but it is far more rewarding to know that what we do every day, even if we don’t know it, is affecting people in a positive way.

And they tell us that Scooter is now a very happy cat.

Tell Us Your Story

Maybe you have ordered a stuffed animal from Stuffed Safari before.  Maybe it had some greater significance to you, your pet, or a loved one.  Would you like your story to be featured on our blog?  We’d love to tell it!  Scooter and the Stuffed Purple Snake is just one of many such stories. W e want to share them all on our blog.  Contact us at or 1-866-534-6604 to let us know what one of our stuffed animals meant to you.

I hope you enjoyed this story.  Feel free to leave any comments or questions in the comment section below.  And, as always, thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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