Stuffed Animal Collection: 5 Ways to Display Plush Toys

Stuffed animal collection?  Why not?  As the old saying goes, “Everyone needs a hobby.”  Of all the hobbies out there, collecting is the most common.  Whether it’s antiques, comic books, stamps, coins, you name it and someone collects it. Collector’s items are for sharing with others. However, the problem of storage, organization, and display quickly grows with the size of the collection. With some things, like baseball cards, plastic sleeves designed specifically to fit three-ring binders make browsing as easy as the turn of a page. With some collector’s items, it’s not so easy.

Stuffed Animal Collection

stuffed animal collection

Stuffed animals still rank among the most popular items collected by people today. These soft cuddly creatures serve as security blankets for babies, toys for toddlers, plush pals for kids, and keepsakes for adults. Sadly, they sometimes end up in a cardboard box in the attic, under a bed, or hidden deep in the back of a closet. What you’ll see here are some outside-the-box ways to put your stuffed animal collection on display for all to see.

Hang ’em Up!

stuffed animal collection hang em

For anyone with a plush mini collection, this idea serves not only for storage and organization, but for décor as well. The hanger featured here is an IKEA Komplement Multi-Use Hanger. You can purchase it on their website for $7.99. Loop your plush minis and hang them up for the world to see!

Cage ’em!

stuffed animal collection cage em

This fantastic idea is perfect for do-it-yourself collectors. The materials for this crate are relatively cheap. The dimensions of the cage are customizable for any collection. Plus, the open design gives easy access to the toys. This works especially well if there are children who still play with the stuffed animals. It keeps them off the floor and out of the way while still offering a fun, creative way to show them off.

Hammock ’em!

stuffed animal collection hammock em

If your child loves stuffed animals and has a whole bunch, hanging them from a hammock can be a fun and easy way to free up space and put them on display. These fun toy hammocks add a personal touch and do it yourself, there’s a great tutorial for how to crochet them here.

Pickle ’em!

stuffed animal collection pickle em

While not the most conventional of ways to display a plush toy collection, it is certainly one of the more unique methods. Simply find a jar large enough to accommodate your stuffed animal, place it inside posed and facing the way you want, fill the rest of the jar with distilled water, and seal them up. This method is ideal for collectors. It is best for people who want to display their collection but not play with it.

Crate ’em!

stuffed animal collection crate em

Stacking open-faced wooden crates of varying sizes and filling them with stuffed animals offers a great way to organize and display a collection. Add a little flair like tinsel and rope light to turn a bare and boring wall into an artsy and adorable centerpiece everyone will love. The themes to explore with this idea are endless—anything from Jungle Safari to Puppy Party, to Noah’s Ark.

I hope you found this article interesting and helpful. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.  Thank you for reading!

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