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Blacktip Shark Information & Facts

This might go without saying, but here at Stuffed Safari we love animals.  Not just the stuffed ones either.  Everyone who works here has at least one pet, and most of us have more than one.  When we’re not busy selling stuffed animals, we love to learn about the real-life counterparts to the plush toys we sell.  Today we explore the blacktip shark.  This post is packed full of blacktip shark information.  You can find these fearsome fish prowling the tropical and subtropical waters along the coast of almost every corner of the world.

blacktip shark information


The blacktip shark (Carcharhinus limbatus) is a species of requiem shark.  They prefer brackish waters which are waters saltier than fresh waters but not as salty as sea water.  You can usually find blacktip sharks in estuaries, partially enclosed coastal bodies with one more rivers or streams flowing into it, but still with a free connection to the open sea.


While these agile and energetic predators have been known to leap from the water while preying on schools of fish, they are considered timid compared to other sharks in their family.  While they tend to be cautious and avoid humans, they have been known to become aggressive in the presence of food and have been responsible for several attacks on people over the years.

Blacktip sharks have no natural predators as adults, but the younger pups can fall victim to other larger sharks.  These sharks are social, congregating in their largest numbers surrounding offspring until they are old enough to fend for themselves.

blacktip shark information


With a long, full-bodied, and streamlined physique, these marine predators are excellent swimmers.  Swift and able to make quick turns in the water, their prey has little chance of escape.  Their long, pointed snouts and fins give them every advantage in the water a piscivorous hunter could ask for.  Not as big as some of their shark cousins, blacktip sharks reach a maximum length of about nine feet, but five feet is closer to average.


Here’s some fun blacktip shark information for you: blacktip sharks have fifteen of teeth on either side of their jaws.  Long, narrow, pointed, and serrated, these natural weapons are perfect tools tear through anything this shark chomps down on.  Blacktip sharks have been known to leap out of the water in a corkscrew, spinning three and even four times.  This comes from them sprinting vertically through a school of fish in hopes to catch its next meal.  The speed of these jumps reaches velocities of twenty-one feet per second.  That’s fast!

blacktip shark information

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I hope you enjoyed this step into The Wild Side with blacktip shark information.  You can read about the other shark species featured in our 2017 Shark Safari here.  Subscribe to our blog to explore more animals in the future.  Feel free to leave any comments or questions in the comment section below.  And, as always, thank you for reading.

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