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This may go without saying, but here at Stuffed Safari we love animals.  Not just the stuffed ones either.  Everyone who works here has at least one pet, and most of us have more.  When we’re not busy selling stuffed animals, we love to learn about the real-life counterparts to the plush toys.  We thought you might find it interesting to explore some educational facts about some of our favorite animals too.  That’s why we decided to start The Wild Side. It’s a blog series that gives captivating information about some of our favorite animals. This week we learn about the cheetah.  This post is packed full of cheetah information!

cheetah information

Cheetahs are popular and beloved animals.  One can’t think of cheetahs without thinking about speed.  Clocking in at an astonishing 70 mph, these sleek, wild cats stand alone in being the fastest land animal on our planet.  This trivial tidbit stands as one of many interesting cheetah facts.  Together, let’s learn more about this majestic creature, its habitat, and behavior.


Everything about a cheetah’s body lends aid to its fast movement.  Many of these characteristics set them apart from other large wild cats.  Long thin legs, a long tail, a small rounded head, and a deep chest.  With spotted coats, and black tear-like streaks on their faces, cheetahs are striking and beautiful.  How many spots does a cheetah have?  So glad you asked!  Adult cheetahs have almost 2,000 solid black spots on their yellowish tan coat.

cheetah information


A cheetah’s head and body together reach average lengths of between four and five feet in length.  They weigh anywhere from 46 to 159 pounds.  Smaller than their big cat cousins like the lion and tiger, cheetahs make up for their size with speed.


Here’s some fun cheetah information: the cheetah is a natural hunter.  It’s long, flexible spine helps it gain its full speed in just a few seconds.  Their claws are semi-retractable, blunting the ends, but giving better traction in a sprint.  At such high velocities, their tails act as a rudder of sorts to help them make quick turns to better reach their prey.  Arranged in a band in the center of the eyes, these big cats have a high concentration of nerve cells known as a visual streak.  This significantly augments their vision, giving them some of the best in vision among big cats.  They hunt and are active mostly during the day, and have a higher success rate than other big cats.

cheetah information

Like lions, cheetahs are gregarious and can oftentimes be found in groups, and these groups are known as “coalitions.”  Females are most often solitary, but coalitions of brothers born from the same litter will band together to hunt daily and defend their territory.

Cat Calls

Uncharacteristic to most big cats, cheetahs have specific vocal chords that prevent them from roaring.  This doesn’t stop these oversized felines from making noise.  In fact, cheetahs are one of the most vocal cats around.  Describing what a cheetah sounds like isn’t as simple as it sounds because they make so many different ones.  Growling, moaning or yowling, bleating,  purring, and even chirping sounds are just a few of the vocalizations they make.  These sounds are used to communicate with one another in most instances.

Cheetah Diet Information


By and large, cheetahs make their home in the savannas and scrub forests of Africa.  However, some of them still make their home in India and the Middle East.  They stay away from sparse deserts and heavily forest areas, preferring wide open spaces to make best use of their physical prowess in pursuing prey.

You might think we’ve covered all the cheetah information out there, but to be honest, we’ve only scratched the surface.  These fascinating animals are oftentimes studied by zoologists, ecologists, and other wildlife experts, and we learn more about them every day.

cheetah information

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I hope you enjoyed this step into The Wild Side with cheetah information.  Subscribe to our blog to learn about more animals in the future.  Feel free to leave any comments or questions in the comment section below.  And, as always, thank you for reading.

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