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Three-toed Sloth Information and Facts

This might go without saying, but here at Stuffed Safari we love animals.  Not just the stuffed ones either.  Everyone who works here has at least one pet, and most of us have more than one.  When we’re not busy selling stuffed animals, we love to learn about the real-life counterparts to the plush toys we sell.  We thought that you, our readers, might find it interesting to explore some facts about some of our favorite animals too.  That’s why we decided to start The Wild Side.  It’s a blog series that gives captivating, educational information about some of our favorite animals.  This week we explore the three-toed sloth.  This post is packed full of three-toed sloth information and facts.  You can find these cuddly critters in the rain forests of South America.

Three-toed sloth information


Three-toed sloths measure approximately eighteen inches from head to toe, and typically weigh between eight and ten pounds.  Unlike their two-toed cousins, they have short tails measuring between two and three inches in length.  As implied by their name, on the end of each limb they have three long clawed toes.  Here’s some three-toed sloth information you might not be privy to: all sloths have three toes, but only some of them have three fingers.  So, if you think about it, three-fingered sloth would be a better name for these adorable animals.


Three-toed sloths are arboreal (tree-dwelling) animals.  Their bodies have adapted so they can easily hang by their limbs.  Making their home high up in the tree canopy, they still come down to the forest floor about once a week to…take care of business.  Were you to encounter a three-toed sloth in the wild, their fur might appear green at a glance.  This is not due to pigmentation, but because of the algae that tends to grow on their fur.  This serves as a natural camouflage for them; predators will oftentimes mistake a three-toed sloth as nothing more than a bundle of leaves.  While three-toed sloths are primarily diurnal, they have been known to climb around during the night as well.

Life Cycle

Three-toed sloths do not have a mating season, and breed all year round.  Mother three-toed sloths yield a single offspring after a six-month gestation period.  After caring for their young for a period of about nine months, the mother sloth will leave her original territory as a parting gift to her young and find fresh territory.  Apart from the mother-baby interaction, three-toed sloths are largely solitary creatures, living between twenty-five and thirty years in age.

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