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A Whole Bunch of Honey Tomes

It’s hard to believe that National Reading Month 2017 is almost over. That means it’s almost time to put away all of our books and quit reading until next year. Wait, that can’t be right. The end of National Reading Month doesn’t mean we all quit reading until next March. That would be terrible. Can you imagine a year with no books? Yikes! Luckily we’ve got one more book giveaway this month. We’re going to make sure that one lucky winner has plenty of reading material for the foreseeable future. We’ve got five books from independent book publisher GP’s Honey Tomes to give away. Can you guess what we’re giving away with them? No, not potatoes. We tried that and it wasn’t very successful. didn’t last very long. Stuffed animals is the answer. With us, stuffed animals is always the answer!

GP's Honey TomesGo ahead, click here to skip to the end and enter. Be sure to come back and finish reading! It’s okay. You’re eager to win these books and stuffed animals and we understand. They’re truly great books. Angela Parrino founded GP’s Honey Tomes in 2009 with the goal of producing wellness materials for children and adults. A set of 6 children’s books called the “Wellness Series” is her main offering. Each book in the series has a corresponding activity book and focuses on a different area of well-being. Angela’s company also publishes books by authors that fit with her company’s philosophy. You can even submit your work to them for consideration. Last week we gave you a link to a great book designer, this week a publisher. Maybe next time we can give away a book written by you!

Authors Angela Parrino & John Potestivo

Author Angela Parrino Reading to ChildrenAuthor Angela ParrinoDespite what the pictures might lead you to believe, Angela Parrino is not a lizard! She is a well-educated author who started a publishing company to promote wellness, literacy, and education. Angela holds a PhD from New York University, speaks three languages, and has taught in public schools, universities, and even abroad. When she isn’t writing her wonderful books and working on GP’s Honey Tomes, she is teaching courses at several colleges in her area. Oh, and sometimes she dresses up like a lizard and visits classrooms! You can schedule an educational classroom visit through her website.

Angela is responsible for four of the books in this week’s giveaway. The fifth book was written by one of her authors, John Potestivo. She’s provided us with a nice sampling of GP’s Honey Tomes’ offerings. John is an author from New Jersey. He holds a BA in history and secondary education. He is also pursuing a Master’s Degree in special education. Let’s learn more about their books!

The Wellness Series by Angela Parrino

Under the Sea with AddieJei Jumps For JoyWe’ve got four books from Angela’s Wellness Series to giveaway! The books are geared toward the pre-k to 3rd grade age range. Since there are so many book this week, we’ll keep our descriptions a bit brief. You can click the images to learn more and buy each book on the GP’s Honey Tomes website. First, we’ve got Under the Sea with Addie. This is the story of a very special octopus. Addie is based on a real species that builds its house out of materials from the ocean floor. Her story is focused on environmental wellness. Next we have Jei Jumps for Joi. This book is about a golden retriever who learns a very important lesson about finding a larger purpose.

Gus the Feeling-Better Polar BearGus El Oso Polar Se Siente MejorBi-Lingual Books

After the spiritual wellness book, we have Gus the Feeling-Better Polar. Emotional wellness is at the center of Gus’s story. This was the first book in Angela’s Wellness Series. Lastly, we have a copy of this same book but written in Spanish. Encouraging children to read both books promotes the learning of a second language at an early age. This is an excellent way to develop strong and healthy minds. Plus, it’s really fun! Children can go back and forth between the books. Comparing page to page will help them learn a new language.

There’s Good in Every Bunny by John PotestivoThere's Good in Every Bunny

In an effort to sound smart we’re going to tell you that this book is written in anapestic trimeter. Fancy, huh? We’ve been reading lots of books so our brains are super-powered right now! This AABBA rhyme scheme is easily recognized as the pattern of a limerick. There’s Good in Every Bunny is the story of a bunny named Bilal. He tries to convince a farmer that not all bunnies are bound to steal crops. You’ll have to read it to see how Bilal does with his goal. Can he prove that there really is good in every bunny?

GP's Honey Tomes Giveaway Stuffed Animals

The Buddies – 4 Stuffed Animals

What do a bunny, an octopus, a polar bear, and a golden retriever have in common? Give up? They are all available as stuffed animals at! We told you that the answer with us is always stuffed animals. Another thing that these animals have in common is being lead characters in GP’s Honey Tomes books. You can view the stuffed animals on our website by clicking the image. These prizes are going to make someone very happy!

The Contest –

A Whole Bunch of Honey Tomes

Winning all nine of these great prizes is easy to do. Well, entering is easy at least. First, be at least eighteen years old or find someone you know who is that will enter for you. Second, click the big link that says “Enter to Win”. Then all you have left to do is enter your name and a valid email address. After all that, you simply wait for an email to arrive that says “Congratulations, you won our GP’s Honey Tomes Book Giveaway!”. That’s it. Easy as pie. One winner will receive all five GP’s Honey Tomes books and all four stuffed animals to go with the books.

Earn Extra Chances to Win

Did we mention that you have the chance for multiple entries in our final National Reading Month Contest of 2017? How could we forget? After you enter you will receive an email with a very special refer-a-friend link. Share this link with your friends! You can email it to them, write it on a postcard and mail it to them, hire a skywriter, or share it on your social media accounts. You get an extra chance to win every time someone uses your special link to enter. Unlike our other contests this month, there will only be one winner this time. That means sharing your link for extra entries is even more important! Enter now and share, share, share! The contest ends at noon CST on 3/27. Good luck!

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