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Gracie’s Wild Giveaway Takes Flight

To celebrate National Reading Month 2017 we’re giving away books and stuffed animals all month long at Our first contest features an unbelievable story about rescuing a baby blue jay. Fortunately, Gracie’s Wild Adventures is full of pictures and there are lots of videos online that show the amazing adventures of Gracie and his family. Otherwise, anyone who has tried to rescue a baby bird and raise it in a shoe box might think this true story is actually a fairy tale. Imagine the best possible outcome of rescuing a baby bird and multiply it by one thousand. Now you have Gracie’s Wild Adventures!

Click here to skip to the end and enter, just be sure to come back and finish reading! We have three copies of this fabulous book to give away and will include two stuffed blue jays with each copy! You can bring the story to life with the stuffed animals. It’s a great way to encourage children to read. Stuffed animals and books belong together like Gracie and his family. Let’s meet the author!

gracie's wild adventure - alyssa and gracie

Gracie & Ken’s Daughter, Alyssa

The Author – Ken Theissen

Ken Theissen was born and raised in New York and currently resides in Florida with his wife, daughter, a very unique blue jay, and several other pets. Gracie’s Wild Adventures is Ken’s first independently published book. A lifetime athlete and fitness enthusiast, Ken has written many fitness related articles for such publications as Fitness Plus, Exercise for Men, and Natural Bodybuilder Magazine. This current book is more about fitness of the spirit than the body, but keeping up with Gracie surely keeps Ken and his family in great shape!


The Book – Gracie’s Wild Adventures

gracie with gracie's wild adventure book

Click to buy the book!

Gracie’s Wild Adventures covers a lot of ground in its forty-six pages. It is easy to imagine it as a much longer piece but Ken does a great job of providing important landmarks in Gracie’s development and his relationship to the family. As you can see from the picture of Gracie with Ken’s daughter, Alyssa, this was a very intimate relationship. The level of comfort that Gracie has with the family and their other pets is a story in itself but this tale goes much deeper than that. Gracie’s impact on the family and the timing of his arrival is almost surreal. Again, there is a lot of ground covered in this short and captivating book.

This is a perfect book for parents to read with children at bedtime. There are plenty of topics, serious and silly, that can be discussed. It would also be a great book for 3rd to 6th grade readers to tackle alone. Ken’s writing style is very straight-forward and easy to digest. Readers learn things along the way without even realizing it. It is also impossible to read this book without wishing for a blue jay like Gracie to show up in your life. To top it off, there is a fun maze at the end. Oops, spoiler alert!

blue jay stuffed animals

They make real blue jay sounds!

The Buddies – Plush Blue Jays

You’re going to want your own blue jay after reading Gracie’s Wild Adventures. Gracie is very special though and nothing against them, but most blue jays are nowhere near his level of awesome. You’ve seen them in your yard. They chase off other birds, dive bomb your dog in your back yard, and might even swoop in on you if you are in their way. They are always pretty, but they are not always nice. Especially not a Gracie-level of nice. So don’t read this book and go out trying to domesticate your own blue jay. We have a better solution.

You need blue jay stuffed animals and a little bit of imagination. We chose the Plush Blue Jay Audubon Bird with Sound by Wild Republic to pair with Gracie’s Wild Adventures. It was an easy choice because, well, it’s the only blue jay stuffed animal with sound that we offer at Normally priced at $7.99, you can use the code BOOKWORM10 to save ten percent on them, or any purchase, all month long. That’s right, if you are afraid you won’t win the contest or just can’t wait to get your own Gracie, you can at least save a little money on your purchase. Now, on to the contest!

The Contest – Gracie’s Wild Giveaway

gracies wild adventures book giveaway

Click image to purchase book!

We like to make things easy at Stuffed Safari. You don’t have to do magic tricks to win our contest or spell really hard words. You don’t have to juggle, or sing a song, or even draw us a picture. We encourage you to do all of those things, we’ll even hang your picture on our refrigerator, but they will not help you win a copy of Gracie’s Wild Adventures. It’s much easier than that. Simply follow the link below, fill out the basic information, and you’re entered. The contest begins on 3/1/17 and runs until 3/6/17 at noon. That’s it. We told you it was easy!

Good luck and be sure to check back all month long for details on our other contests. It’s National Reading Month and we want to put books in peoples’ hands! Check out Gracie’s Facebook page for more pictures and videos of Gracie. Finally, pick up a book this month, any book, tons of books, and lose yourself in a story. You won’t regret it!

***UPDATE – Contest has ended.***

Click here for current contests.

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