Win Quincy the Quail Leads His Family on an Adventure

An Adventure with Quincy the Quail

Our celebration of National Reading Month 2017 continues with an illustrated book about birds. Quails, to be exact. Last week’s contest featured a real-life blue jay, this week’s features a fictional quail.¬†Quincy the Quail Leads His Family on an Adventure was written by Barbara Renner and illustrated by Amanda M. Wells. It has a very unique interactive feature. While you are reading you can use your phone or other device to scan QR codes. When you do so you will hear actual quail calls on your device. Our plush quails also make real quail sounds. The winners of this contest are going to become true quail experts! Our next two National Reading Month contests don’t feature birds so if you’re a bird-lover, this contest is for you.

Click here to skip to the end and enter, just be sure to come back and finish reading! We have three autographed copies of this fun book to give away and will include two plush quail with each copy! You can really bring the story to life with the quail stuffed animals. It’s a great way to teach children to read. Stuffed animals and books belong together like Quincy and his family. Let’s meet the author!

Barbara Renner Author Photo

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The Author – Barbara Renner

Barbara Renner is a teacher who lives in Arizona with her husband. She holds a master’s degree from Arizona State University and has taught everything¬†from grammar to business management to beginning computers. Along with teaching, Barbara has always had a passion for writing and has written articles, newsletters, and even other children’s books about a Loon named Lonnie. Barbara became enamored with the Common Loon on her summer trips to Minnesota. She was inspired to write about quail by a family of quail that lived under her neighbor’s mesquite bush. You can contact Barbara for school visits and book readings by visiting her website.

The Book – Quincy the Quail Leads His Family on an Adventure

Quincy the Quail Leads His Family on an Adventure Cover-Small

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Quincy the Quail Leads His Family on an Adventure is going to make you a certified quail expert. First of all, you can listen to real quail calls by scanning the QR codes in the book. Secondly, there are informational facts at the bottom almost every page, separate from the story. Finally, Barbara does an excellent job of working educational information into the actual story. Physical traits, habitat information, diet, and other interesting quail details are peppered throughout Quincy and his family’s adventure. The balance of education and entertainment is perfect.

Written for ages 3-7, Quincy the Quail Leads His Family on an Adventure follows this quail family through a day in the desert. The story features humor, high drama, and heroics. By the end of the 18 pages, half of which are delightful, full-page illustrations, readers will have gone through quite a lot with Quincy and his family. Children who are learning to read can work through the story while parents lead them through the facts at the end of each page. Older children will be able to read and understand the story and the informative facts all by themselves. Quincy’s is an adventure that young readers will want to take over and over again!

Quail stuffed animals

They make real quail sounds!

The Buddies – Plush Quail

We’ve told you about the real quail calls that are accessible through QR codes in the book. It’s a fantastic idea and Barbara uses it perfectly. What happens, though, if you are reading Quincy the Quail Leads His Family on an Adventure and you don’t have a smart phone handy or *gasp* your phone battery dies? How will you hear quail calls? Never fear, Stuffed Safari is here! When you squeeze a Plush Quail Audubon Bird with Sound by Wild Republic it makes a real quail call. Now that you know this, if you don’t have a phone or a plush quail handy when you’re reading about Quincy the Quail then we need to have a talk about preparedness!

These plush quail are normally priced at $6.99 but you can use the code BOOKWORM10 to save ten percent on them, or any purchase, all month long at That’s right, if you are afraid you won’t win the contest or just can’t wait to get your own Quincy the Quail, you can at least save a little money on your purchase. Now, on to the contest!

The Contest – An Adventure with Quincy the Quail

Three lucky winners will each receive an autographed copy of Quincy the Quail Leads His Family on an Adventure and two plush quails from Stuffed Safari. You have to be 18 to enter. If you’re not 18, yell for your parents or someone in your home that is old enough. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Yell louder. Louder. Perfect. Now that you have an adult we can continue. Entering is easy. Simply follow the link below, enter your full name and a valid email address, and you’re done. Good luck!

Now, let’s get a little more complicated. Would you like more chances to win? Of course you would. Check this out. After you enter you will receive an email with a very important link. Any time that someone enters the contest using your link, you will earn an additional entry. How cool is that?! Share the link by emailing it to your friends or posting it on social media. There is no limit to the amount of times you can be entered when the shared link is used. Cool, right? The contest begins 3/8/17 and ends 3/13/17 at noon.

Good luck and be sure to check back all month long for details on our other contests. It’s National Reading Month and were putting books in peoples’ hands! Be sure to like and share Barbara’s Facebook page to stay up to date with her book releases. You never know, maybe Quincy will have more adventures in the future. Finally, read a book this month, this book or any book, tons of books, and get lost in a story. It’s really good for you!

***UPDATE – Contest has ended.***

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