Zuggy the Pug Coloring Book & Stuffed Pug Giveaway

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Zuggy the Pug

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Here we are in the middle of November with The Adventures of Camellia N. book giveaway complete and one more to go. Enter Zuggy the Pug. The lovable and sometimes mischievous pug has a Thanksgiving story to tell. Last November we did our first ever book giveaway featuring Close at Heart: A Sea Otter Story by Jill Turner. By the way, it’s still available and would make a great Christmas gift for young children. Check out last year’s blog post for details. All of our past book giveaways are worth a look if you need gift giving ideas.

So what does a sea otter book have to do with a Zuggy the Pug book? Good thing you asked. First of all, both showcase super cute subject matter. That one is obvious. Secondly, an independent, first-time author wrote each book. Finally, both books use ABCB rhyme scheme. There are probably a lot more similarities but let’s move on. The books are both rectangular. That doesn’t seem noteworthy. Do we need to point out that both books have words? Both books have pictures. Enough! We need to talk about our current giveaway!

First-time author Jean Alfieri provided us with five copies of Zuggy the Pug – Thanksgiving for our giveaway. Her book is a different than any book we’ve given away previously. Okay, there are probably thousands of reasons why it is different from the other books in our past giveaways. Can we focus on the most important one? It has a “Z” in the title. That’s different. It’s about Thanksgiving. Also different but again, not important. Focus! Zuggy the Pug – Thanksgiving is a coloring book! Now that is a significant difference. Okay, it’s obvious. You need to win this book.

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Did you enter the giveaway? It was easy right? We really hope you win. This contest is going to have five winners so your odds are pretty good. Later you will learn how to really increase your odds of winning a Zuggy the Pug coloring book. First, let’s meet the author.

Author Jean Alfieri

Jean & Zuggy

The Author – Jean Alfieri

Jean Alfieri is responsible for bringing Zuggy the Pug to life. Originally from Chicago, and still a White Sox fan, Jean has lived in Indiana, Texas, Wisconsin, and Arizona. She currently resides i

n Colorado with her husband and dogs. In early 2017, Jean adopted an adult pug. His big personality was an inspiration. It didn’t take her long to decide that this character had to become a character. She set to work writing and self-publishing her book. Since then, Jean has learned that an independent author has to wear many hats. The initial idea to publish a short-story poem grew into something much more significant.

As a Humane Society volunteer and generally charitable person, Jean began to wonder how her book could help others. She and Zuggy were proud of their creation. Still, they wanted to do more. Then it occurred to her, she could donate the Thanksgiving-themed coloring book to a children’s hospital for the holidays. Time to put on another hat! She started a crowd-funding campaign and raised money to donate books and stuffed pugs to the Colorado Springs Children’s Hospital. Contributions are no longer being accepted but you can read all about her charitable campaign here. Kudos to Jean for her hard work!

The Book – Zuggy the Pug – Thanksgiving

Zuggy the Pug Coloring Book by Jean Alfieri

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Coloring books are no longer just for kids. Zuggy the Pug – Thanksgiving is no exception. Kids will love coloring the pages as they read about Zuggy’s Thanksgiving shenanigans. However, adult coloring books are a thing now. Adults will love the stress-relieving, time passing, soul-soothing pictures to color. Illustrator Evelon McDonald did a wonderful job of creating her sketches. The drawings are not too complex for youngsters to color. At the same time they offer enough creative freedom to keep adults interested. Maybe it is time to start a new Thanksgiving coloring tradition this year! It’s a great way for a family to bond.

Zuggy the Pug loves Thanksgiving. The turkey leg in his mouth on the cover should be a dead giveaway of that fact. This particular Thanksgiving has a little hiccup. Will Zuggy’s Thanksgiving be a disaster? You’ll have to read the book to learn how Thanksgiving pans out. Pan pun intended.

The poem is delightful to read. Young readers will enjoy practicing their craft with the simple and entertaining story. Most kids will have the story memorized by the time they finish coloring the pages. The poem has a catchy rhythm. You might even find yourself singing it. We hope to read more Zuggy adventures in the future. What does Zuggy do at Christmas or Halloween? You’ll be itching to know!

The Buddy – Zuggy the Pug Stuffed Animal w/ “Z” Bandana

Zuggy the Pug Stuffed Animals

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Playing the part of Zuggy is the Sitting Pug Plush Animal by Fiesta.┬áJean chose this stuffed pug for her donation campaign. She then found a website that could create a personalized bandana so the stuffed pugs match Zuggy. She went on a Safari to find a Stuffed animal that would work. A Stuffed Safari on might say! This stuffed Zuggy is only $8.79. You can add the bandana for $3.00. Type “Z is for Zuggy” in the personalization box on our website when you order. We will know exactly what you want. You can buy the book through Jean’s website. Use the link above to visit her site and contact her for details. She expects to have the books for sale directly on the site and Amazon soon. Now on to the contest!

The Contest – Spend Thanksgiving with Zuggy the Pug

Zuggy the Pug Book Giveaway

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We are giving away five sets of a coloring book and a stuffed pug. Five winners means you have a really good chance to win! You will have to provide your own crayons, markers, or colored pencils. We’re guessing that most of you already have plenty of those items. You have to be over eighteen to enter. If you’re not old enough, enjoy the other perks of youth. Use some of your extra energy to find an adult to help you out. Mom, Dad, Uncle, or sibling will do the trick. Don’t just ask strangers walking down the street. That rule applies to this contest and pretty much everything in life.

Five winners is a lot but what if you could enter the contest more than once? Would you do it? We thought you might so we set this contest up just like the last one. You can earn unlimited entries! After you fill out the contest form you will receive an email. First, open the email. It will have your unique refer-a-friend link inside. Next, email the link to all of your friends so that they can enter. Another way to share is to post your link on any social media sites that you frequent.

Earn Extra Entries!

Basically you want to spread your link all over the internet. Post it in our comment section. If you see someone’s link, use it and then post yours. Imagine if everyone pays it forward. You will all have a better chance to win than people who don’t read our blog. Those poor people don’t know what they are missing! We know you are all winners. Unfortunately, we can only pick five for this Zuggy the Pug giveaway so share, share, share. Good luck!

***UPDATE – Contest has ended.***

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